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This is a very brief history.  I hope to someday make it more detailed.  I have just skimmed the surface here.  The Tullibee had it's share of mechanical problems and spent a lot of time in the shipyard.  But it still was a good little boat with excellent crews.  Lets remember the positive facts and it's accomplishments.  I have fond memories and am proud to have been a Tullibee sailor.

Upon commissioning in Nov. 1960, Commander Richard E. Jortberg became the Tullibee's first CO.  Tullibee then became the first nuclear powered sub assigned to Submarine Development Group Two in Groton, CT.  During the next twelve years, Tullibee participated in the development of new sonar systems and Antisubmarine Warfare techniques.  In 1972, Tullibee was transferred to Commander Submarine Squadron Two.  For the rest of the 70's, Tullibee participated in many submarine operations, including three deployments to the Mediterranean.  It's last Med run was in '85-'86 where it earned the Navy Unit Commendation and the Navy Expeditionary Medal.  The Tullibee was decommissioned in 1988.