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Name:  Scott McIntosh
History of Assignments:
Feb80: Basic Training Great Lakes
Apr80:  Sub School Groton CT
Jun80:  Sonar A-School, FLEASWTRACENPAC, San Diego, CA.
Oct80:  USS TULLIBEE SSN 597 Portsmouth, NH
Mar81-Nov81:  TDY USS JACK SSN 605 Groton, CT.  (Med Run)
'82-'84:  USS TULLIBEE  Groton CT.  

Rank & Rate at discharge:  STS2(SS)
Qualified on the USS TULLIBEE SSN 597 & USS JACK SSN 605

Hometown:  Washburn, ME (Northern Maine)
Married with kids and step kids.

This is me getting my 2nd class      Here I am in the sonar room of the USS
promotion in the Tullibee's                Jack, 1981.
control room, 1983.

A more recent picture of me taken summer
of 2000.