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The TULLIBEE was a one of a kind sub.  It was an attempt to build the ideal hunter/killer submarine.  It was the first to have turboelectric drive which made it very quiet for its time.  The small size increased maneuverability and decreased detection.  It was the first sub to have the torpedo tubes amidships and angled outward to free the bow for a sonar sphere.    However, the small size meant it lacked the room to carry all the necessary equipment and electronics, so no more where built.  But all the best features were incorporated into the thirteen surviving PERMIT class submarines.

Description:  Hunter/killer Attack Submarine
Propulsion:  Nuclear Power, Turboelectric
Keel Laid:  26 May 1958
Builder:  Electric Boat   Groton, CT
Commissioned:  9 Nov 1960
Decommissioned:  25 Jun 1988
Disposed of:  1 Apr 1996

Overall Length:  272' 9"
Extreme Beam:  23' 4"
Displacement:  2306 tons
Compliment:  13 Officers, 100 enlisted
Armament:  4 Torpedo tubes amidships